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Climate services - the development and delivery of actionable information about climate patterns and trends and their impacts on communities, businesses and ecosystems - is essential to many aspects of policy, planning, and decision-making in Pacific Island countries.

Climate services stories are a type of case study intended to help inform regional and local decision makers about the impacts of climate change and variability, highlighting key messages and best practices with respect to the development and delivery of climate services in the form of a story. This approach conveys information in a way that is easy for decision-makers to understand and apply as they identify actions that can be taken to increase community resilience in light of a changing climate.

The stories found here incorporate experiential knowledge and scientific data, with a focus on climate early warning. They are part of the Pacific Islands Climate Storybook, a compilation of technical material, process guides, and activities that were used to conduct the Climate Services Dialogues and build Climate Stories.

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